Little Girls Drop F-Bombs For Feminism

Whenever there’s a new shocking campaign for a cause, I roll my eyes. It could be that I find these attention-grubbing attempts to be tasteless, or it could be that my pupils are getting as far away from the computer screen as they can. Whether it’s getting naked for PETA, getting iced for ALS, or getting sexy with produce for PETA, the cause always seems to be overshadowed by the shock value. Sure, they get attention and money, but is that because the message is out there or because it’s viral?

I thought the same thing was going to happen for this video by FckH8. The video is part of their campaign for feminism, where $5 from every t-shirt sold goes to charities that help girls and women. I was ready to hate it. It had young girls dressed as princesses yelling at me and a lot of neck-swiveling, but against all odds, I loved it. What a scrappy underdog this video ending up being! It’s just like a ragtag group of misfits at a baseball tournament, but instead winning of a trophy it won my heart. The video was more than little girls just saying “fuck”, it was a bold way of showing us our twisted priorities in society.

We are fine with sexist bullshit like high rates of sexual assault and pay inequality for women. We are fine with presenting gender stereotypes to both girls and boys, telling girls that they’re number one concern is being “pretty” and that boys’ number one concern is not being “girly”. Yes, this video even had a boy screaming in a princess dress. It’s-the-best. Apparently we are fine with all these offensive things that effect our lives and can actually cause damage, but we can’t handle the word “fuck”.

We can’t think of the children when it comes to the repercussions of telling young girls to only aspire to be princesses, but we will shake our fists and get our societal panties in a bunch over kids using curse words. I can guarantee that saying “fuck that” has hurt a lot less people than the dismissal of women’s rights.


The best part is that most complaints about the video just prove why it’s needed. People freaking out about the innocence of these little girls just shows the box that we put them in. Girls are supposed to be sweet and cute and not shouting in my face like little Samuel L. Jacksons. How dare these girls be tough and loud and rude? It’s like they’re trying to act like boys! Let me also get this straight : children already know what the word “fuck” is. It happened when I was a kid and it happens now. Do you understand the unbridled joy of being in grade three French Immersion and learning the world for “seal”? It’s better than Pizza Day.

Another complaint is that the kids are being used as puppets for their parents beliefs. First of all, have you heard a child’s political views? They’re ridiculous. They have no understanding about basic social services and they keep turning my newspapers into hats. Secondly, how is it horrible that parents are telling their kids that society has messed up views about gender? They’ll end up facing these issues when they grow up, so you might as well prepare them for the fight ahead. If you believe that keeping kids innocent means keeping them ignorant, you’re part of the problem. So, click on the video again and get the fucking lesson.


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